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2079 Siesta Drive, Sarasota, FL


There's something a little magical about Cupcakes a Go-Go.

Deliciously moist cake coupled with blissfully light icings, made fresh daily, have been the cornerstone of this quaint little shop for 10 years.

Known well by the locals, Cupcakes a Go-Go first won the hearts of the Sarasota community with an artful offering of hand decorated cupcake creations that were too beautiful and astonishing to eat...yet too delicious not to.

Owners Sheree and Lorrie are "two of the nicest people." They offer a warm and welcoming environment, and consistently deliver a level of personal service with every order that reflects their small town upbringing. Their attention to the customer's details show their honest desire to present cakes that encompass their customer's personality and vision to the delight of many happy customers. 

People often feel more like family than customers at Cupcakes a Go-Go....and we think that's exactly how it should be.

                   STORE HOURS

MONDAY               9AM TO 4PM

TUESDAY              9AM TO 4PM


THURSDAY           9AM TO 5PM 

 FRIDAY                 9AM TO 5PM

​SATURDAY            9AM TO 3PM


Please note: We can accomodate earlier pick up times if needed and some days we might close earlier due to an event or set up.

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